Ecological Degradable Plastic Bags

Ecological Degradable Plastic Bags Ecological Degradable Plastic Bags Ecological Degradable Plastic Bags

Plastic has become an integral part of our everyday life but it takes time to be absorbed by nature. If we want to claim that we are environmentally conscious, we should abide by it and separate plastic, glass, paper and aluminum from other trash. The main objective of recycling is to protect the environment from pollution caused by the extraction of new raw materials and waste disposal in the envirnment. Other advantages are the reduction of the production costs, as these materials can be used repeatedly in the production process, and the saving of natural resources.

However all products produced in VI.P.S are recyclable 100%. But, as recycling has not progressed sufficiently, our eco-consciousness triggered the production of degradable packaging. Today all our products can be biodegradable, if desired, with minimal extra charge, and they do not leave residues in the environment.

The degradable plastic bags are suitable for food packaging. They can be recycled, as all plastic materials, but have a limited life span and are degraded by light, heat, water, oxygen and become food for microorganisms like all natural waste, leaves, wood etc.