A specially designed bag which is used primarily in bakeries, super market, pastry shops, fast food, etc.


Paper Bags

This luxurius type of bag represents a kind of eco-packaging with many available combinations. Specifically, our factory, having many years of experience and contemporary know-how, manages to create tastefull and fancy paper bags of excellent quality.


Promotional Bags

An impressive product which combines both imagination and creativity as well as durability and low cost. Specifically, it is designed and shaped in its final form by graphic artists who intended to transform a simple bag in a decent promotional tool


Ecological Plastic Bags

Plastic has become an integral part of our everyday life but it takes time to be absorbed by nature. If we want to claim that we are environmentally conscious, we should abide by it and separate plastic, glass, paper and aluminum from other trash. The main objective of recycling is to protect the environment...


Plastic Film for Industries

Plastic Film for Industries Plastic Film for Industries Plastic Film for Industries Plastic Film for Industries

Shring Film

Single or multilayer films designed for automatic packing machines with polyethylene shrink tunnel. These films have the ability, with the use of temperature, to shrink uniformly and stabilize the packaged products such as PET bottles, aluminum cans, magazines, meals, etc. Characterized by exceptional mechanical durability, transparency, they are suitable for food packaging and are printed with flexography with up to six colors to emphasize the product.

Single and Multi-Layer Film

Single or multilayer films designed for automatic packing machines without a shrink tunnel. Used for packaging food, newspapers, magazines, fertilizer, salt, etc. The range of films we offer covers almost every need. Short width Film (from 5cm to a pipe), large width (up to 12 meters in layer), thin (from 18my), thick (up to 250my), transparent, colored, with print or not.

Stretch Film

Plastic film with flexibility, adhesion and high mechanical durability. Used to support product on pallets for safe transpotation. Made of LLDPE linear polyethelene with a standard width of 50cm and thickness 18my-30my, trasnparent, without colour. Designed for automatic winding machines with tension ability from 100% to 270% and also for wrapping by hand. The size, thickness and colour can be changed on request.

Aeroplast - Airbubble Film

Multilayer film with bubbles of air inside, suitable for packing fragile items. The standard dimensions are: 100cm width and 10000cm length, 120cm width and 10000cm length, 150 width and 10000cm lenth in transparent film. The size and color can be changed on request.